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Using AD Saved Queries

Frankly it took me a while to discover the power of Active Directory Saved Queries, but now I can't do without. Saved queries make it very easy to create lists of objects of similar kind. A selection of queries I use is listed in the following table.

Ctr_Disabled Computers die disabled zijn
Ctr_OS_Win 2008 (excl.R2) Windows 2008 computers (exclusief W2K8R2)
Ctr_OS_Win 2008 (incl.R2) Windows 2008 computers (inclusief W2K8R2)
Ctr_OS_Win 2008 - SP1 Windows 2008 R2 computers met service pack 1
Ctr_OS_Win 7 Windows 7 computers
Ctr_OS_Windows 7 - SP1 Windows 7 computers met service pack 1
Ctr_OS_Win Vista Windows Vista computers
Ctr_OS_Win XP Windows XP computers
Ctr_OS_Non_Windows Niet-Windows computers
Grp_NoMembers Groepen zonder leden
Usr_Company_ZEDA Gebruikers met Company is ZEDA
Usr_Department_Sales Gebruikers met Department is Sales
Usr_Disabled Uitgeschakelde gebruikers
Usr_Homedirectory_Empty Gebruikers zonder homedirectory
Usr_Inactive Inactieve gebruikers (90 dagen niet ingelogd)
Usr_MemberOfEmpty Gebruikers zonder groeplidmaatschappen
Usr_NonExpiringPw Gebruikers waarvan het wachwoord nooit vervalt
Usr_ProfilePath_Empty Gebruikers zonder roaming profile

You can download an export of these filters here. Import them in your own Active Directory Users and Computers management console by clicking the right mousebutton on Import Query Definition.

Open the .xml file and the Edit Query window will show. Click OK to save the query. You can execute the query by clicking it.

Download ADSearchFilters.zip

NOTE: We are looking for more example queries. Your queries will be appreciated.

This post applies to: Windows 2003, Windows 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7.


Tips & Tweaks for Windows

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